Tuesday, February 5, 2008

New finds.

leotard: AA
jeans: levi
purse: community thrift

shirt: community thrift

wrap-around ballet sweater: community thrift

shoes: value village (charlotte, nc)

shirt: community thrift


Eleh said...

wow. great finds!! and i am soo in love with those shoes. how jealous i am!

Mary-Laure said...

I love that AA leotard, I almost bought it last time I popped into their store. I'm a dancer and I just love their leotards...

Kennedy said...

I love that leotard, and I used to be a ballet dancer! I was very serious up until high school, and I almost went to a conservatory in Lyon when I was 14, but now I just do it every once and a while for fun. About the leotard: you should totally get it because it goes with almost any outfit and it's cut really well.

Anonymous said...

Love your shoes and your last shirt
Nice blog!!...