Monday, April 28, 2008

another vacation again last weekend

there was such bad traffic on the interstate that people were just getting out of their cars

tamara: the most beautiful hungarian i know

morning ryan

i braided ryan's sisters hair

Kennedy please talk yourself out of driving 7 hours to Virginia to see Ryan for the THIRD weekend in a row.

Probably I will just go anways. I mean I already packed a bag just in case.


princessmillatwoshoes said...

Kennedy, don't talk yourself out of doing anything for love! Your friend Tamara looks a lot like Meg White in that picture. Drive safely;)

olivia said...

You are so cute! I agree with princess, love is the best reason for anything!!

Kennedy said...

I went and you were both right. <3

Danz said...

Adorable hairstyle.

brittany edmiston said...

damn, good braid! i'm growing my locks just so they can get tangled like that by you!

Kennedy said...

brit i cant wait to braid your hairs