Thursday, April 10, 2008

honeysuckle rose

toes and shoes


the bridge opened and i was first in line

honeysuckle rose outfit

My best friend from boarding school showed up here this week. She lives in LA fulltime now, but her boyfriend is on tour with Walking With the Dinosaurs and she came here to visit him. We got to hang out all week for the second time since we both graduated high school and the first time in three years. She is my sister, I mean we grew up together, and seeing her in real life conjured up a love for humanity that I thought I'd lost. People are great, friends are great, I love you!

My Mom says that when I was little I would stop and get off my bike if I saw a patch of honeysuckle by the side of the road. I guess I've always loved them intensely but I didn't remember until now when she brought it up. If I actually think real hard I'm almost sure that's how my favorite color happened, I mean it's yellow because of honeysuckles. Anyways I found a honeysuckle rose shampoo and conditioner at Whole Foods that made my day better. This stuff is incredible I mean it's witchy, it smells exactly like a flawless spring day.

For work I had to go down to the courthouse to make a copy of a motion in a divorce file for my boss and while I was there I realized I could also look at and make copies of my parent's divorce file if I wanted to. So I did. And it was great, I found out some juicy shit but mostly I just can not believe I hadn't thought to do this before.

Today Chelsea and I were walking down the street and some guy asked us if we were sisters. Again. This happens almost every time we hang out and we don't get it.


Anonymous said...

Hi! I came thru Wardrobe Remix. Love it when you put your hair up in braids, and that sweater is just sunshine to me.

Kayla said...

remember how we used to stand in my drive way and eat honey suckles after school.
we truly lived a charmed life on the island.
love your pics!
I might be in town this summer.
we should meet up.
You always have a place to stay if you ever come to lalaland.


Kennedy said...

oh man i totally remember that! and listen, you NEED to call me when you're in town and i am coming out to LA soon to see mary loveless and we have to meet up

Suzy said...

**Ok so I am at work and it is completely dead in the store and so happens the archival blog browsing.**

First of all, honeysuckle is faanasstic. I use Tom's honeysuckle/rose deodorant and I love it and it kept me from buying perfume for a loong time, it mixed with my own b.o. so well. Such rarities!

Secondly, YES to parent's divorce (and other exciting legal) papers. Mine were divorced before I was two, so it's verry interesting seeing certain dates being vastly different from what I've always been told. Those bloodsucking liars. That I love. :-/