Tuesday, May 13, 2008

two dreams

My house was much bigger and in the country. There were many more children living here; small children with sticky hands and running and yelling but I still liked them all. My step mother had lots and lots of reptiles. There was a jet black python that was as big as the living room and had two tails, and a thousand bright colors iguana, and lots of other little poisonous snakes, ect. I walked into the basement and saw the python strangling this little boy. The boy was almost dead but my step mother came in and the snake immediately let him go. I was scared of these snakes and my step mother took me into the garden and told me, "Look you are driving your father away by not liking these animals." I agreed with her.

Ryan and I were living together at our dream house. In the woods we found a baby tiger, named him Corsica, and raised him together. When he was full grown it was a little scary because he was a tiger and he would run up to us at full speed when we got home, but when he got close he was just so sweet and he would nuzzle us and play with us all day long. Whenever we had to leave the house, we'd put him in this room so that no one would see him and get scared and kill him. But he was getting so big and strong we were scared that one day he would be able to break down the door. The next morning Corsica turned into a beautiful tall blonde boy. But I still thought of him as a tiger and kind of like his parent or at least I knew I had to protect him because he didn't understand the stupid world and I loved him.


Forrest Borie said...
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Forrest Borie said...

revised, read the dream wrong.

First dream: stepmother is good. snakes are good. She is right, anima, goddess/mother archetype. Good woman to hang around with.

Second dream: changeling child from a spiritual union, divine-conceptionish, child is good, stay with that child...strange that he is blonde though...