Wednesday, February 4, 2009

all dressed in black

hat: thrifted
sweater-dress: thrifted
jean: urban outfitters
boots: thrifted

I want to get my hands in some dirt but I guess until Spring comes I'll just have to focus on nesting my little room. I'm finding so many nice things at the thrift stores up here which I don't understand. I mean there are 80,000 students here some of whom should have good style and not a lot of money. Doesn't that equal picked over thrift stores? But I'm not complaining! Its really pretty awesome for me, keep it up rich babies, just buy the whole outfit from urban outfitters! I'm kidding, actually it's got me thinking that maybe my style is too weird and I buy things no one else would touch. Other than that I'm still working part-time for the lawyer and yesterday I watched a Brief History of Time and Carl Sagan's TV series Cosmos. They both RULED! The only thing that didn't rule was learning more about Black Holes. Did you know that there are most likely more Black Holes than shining stars in the sky!


Kelly Lauren said...

thank you for your comments I loved them and thank you thank you thank you. you're amazing.

filthy lust said...

love the hat.

Perfectly Placed Pauline said...

The Cosmos doco was so good when i watched it on tv. It makes you think about everything that we're a part of.

Have you read the Brief history of time? I did not know they made a feature on it.

no name said...

weird or not, you know what looks good on you. I think your outfits are the cutest!

sunhea kim. said...
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Kennedy said...

pauline: you know what i havent but im going to now because i loved the movie, you should see it!