Friday, February 27, 2009

a photo survey

1. a picture of you in your room.

2. a picture with someone you don't actually like

3. a picture of you very drunk.

4. a picture of you on your birthday, or your favourite holiday.

5. the youngest picture you can find of yourself in digital form.

6. a picture of you in one of your favourite outfits.

7. a picture of you making a goofy face at the camera.

8. a picture you miiiiiight have edited to make yourself more attractive.

9. a picture of you truly being yourself.

10. the most recent picture of you.

11. a picture of you being absolutely ridiculous.

12. a picture of you showing off a new haircut/color

13. a picture of a time in your life that's over, but you wish it wasn't.

14. a picture of a time in your life that's over, and you couldn't be more thankful that it is.

15.a picture of you when you were anything but happy...

16. a picture of you that you had no idea was being taken.

17. a picture of you when you were a different person than you are now.

18. a picture of you with someone you love.

19. a picture of how you'd like the world to see you.

20. a picture that describes how you'd like to spend every day.

21. a picture of a time when everything was changing.

22. a picture that makes your heart hurt.

23. a picture that makes your heart smile.

24. A picture of one of the best nights of your life. (or day)


Ares said...

I love the way you'd like the world to see you :)

Sarah said...

This post left me thinking a bunch of things:

-whoa, photograph of the old apartment reminds me of so much stuff.
-we have known each other a long time and that makes me happy.
-i should really just give in and get a digital camera. because your pictorial history is inciting jealousy.
-i miss you.

Perfectly Placed Pauline said...

I want to do a photo survey too, but i'm scared of cringing at myself.

You look so different with straight hair. And I felt sad at no.22 :(
I hope it doesn't hurt too much.

Kennedy said...

ares: thank you!
sarah: i know, we've known each other so long we're basically sisters. and YES get a camera, i have a sneaking suspicion that you are a great photographer
pauline: do it! i wanna see

Lola Is Beauty said...

I love this and I love that you have such a comprehensive photographic record of your life. I would do this, though I have about 3 photos of my self and 3000 of my cat...

chloe said...

aw, beautiful moments - what a lovely project :)

Green Eden Vintage said...

beautiful photos. we're lucky to have grown up in a time when having a clear history of our lives is made easy by digital cameras. again, beautiful photos!

Kelly Lauren said...

I want to do this. when I have time. What a lovely idea.

no name said...

drippy sand castles are the best.

Hippie Frou Frou said...

this is so fun! what a great collection of photos, you look like jackie O in the last photograph :))

jess s.

Violet Folklore said...

#13 is GORGEOUS!!!!!

sonnambula said...

your pictures give me the feeling that I know you and that I felt with you even if I don't know you at all. so cool

MarinDee said...

i like this idea. it's very personal. have a good day!

Karafina said...

wow, that was the shit. amazing post, thank you for sharing...

Suzy said...

Oh dang I have that lacey dress in blue! LOOOOVE the white.