Monday, March 16, 2009

celebrity crush list

david duchovny


Perfectly Placed Pauline said...

Haha, how funny! I agree with David Duchovney...was a huge x-files fan. :D

I would like to put Robert Deniro on my list (more especially circa 70s/80s).

Kennedy said...

haha i am watching the x files movie right now which is what reminded me of my undying forever love for david duchovny!

Aurélie Muller said...

i love your blog! you are in my favourite links.

Madeline said...

what an interesting list.

Adaora A. said...

Haha mine:

President Obama (enough said)
Colin Farrell (Accent, good actor, etc)
Cristiano Ronaldo (because I love my Red Devils and he looks good kicking a football)