Monday, March 9, 2009

A Night On The Town.

hat: thrifted
necklace: thrifted
turtleneck dress: thrifted by chelsea
cashmere vest with pearl buttons: thrifted
tights: family dollar
boots: thrifted at oona's

Things are going along swimmingly. Tonight I went to dinner at a friends house and found some wonderful new people. Later we went to a dance night and it was fun! I've never been to a fun one before! Chelsea and Caroline love each other as I knew they would and, as for me, I would like a kiss on the cheek from a boy.


dearilou said...

Those boots are amazing!

alexandra said...

you look great! xox

regina said...

you are channeling patti smith here.

Mila said...

You look absolutely amazing! <3

I'll add you to my blogroll right away!


Kennedy said...

dearilou: i know right, i got them at a vintage store for $40! what a dream deal right?

alexandra: i just checked out your blog, and wow you are so beautiful. i think ill be frequenting it often so im going to add you. hope you dont mind!

regina: thank you, i love love love her

mila: yay! <3

Leonard Greco said...

I think you got your kiss. Xoxo

Kennedy said...

<3 I certainly did.