Friday, June 19, 2009

what i wore today

hat: thrifted
scarf: thrifted
shirt: aa
pants: thrifted
shoes: thrifted

I'm very nervous and excited because on Monday I start my internship at Mandate of Heaven in New York! Their clothes are so freaking beautiful, I can't help but want all of them! I hope I do okay, send good vibes folks.


mayte michelle. said...

I hope your internship goes well!
The best of luck to you.


perfect outfit + sending you some positive vibes from MTL

Perfectly Placed Pauline said...

Oh wow New York! How exciting! This is your year! All the very best :)

xavia said...


Thao said...

Good luck! It's so great to work for a place you can be proud of. Love the hat.

Miss Muller said...

perfect outfit!
come to see Singe-Parlant's new look!