Thursday, August 6, 2009

my intention with this outfit was to be like "oh hey, yeah i'm just coming from my jazzercise class and i threw on a hat." in my head it totally worked but um in pictures it looks like maybe I just got dressed in the dark. OH WELL

black hat: thrifted
peach shirt: old navy thrifted
silver lame suspenders leotard: thrifted
levi's shorts: thrifted
ballet flats: thrifted


mayte michelle. said...

I kinda like it. (:

V said...

ah you are so cute! love it, everything about it.


Perfectly Placed Pauline said...

Then you don't know how awesome you look! Jazztacular i say.

Caitlin said...

Very cute; love the suspenders

Milla said...

dude it totally works! jazz hands!

Eyeliah SS said...

very cute look! My mom was a jazzercise teacher - haha!