Thursday, October 15, 2009

channeling liv tyler

suede jacket: thrifted
black and white floral mini: thrifted
socks: thrifted
black t-strap platforms: ann taylor thrifted

So I'm in the process of doing another update today! I know, it's shocking I JUST finished an update not two days ago. But friends I'm leaving on Saturday for a trip south to visit the family so I won't be doing an update next week. Expect a big one when I get back with treasures from all my home thrift stores. I'm so happy to go on this vacation for many reasons but most of all I'm excitec to escape the furiously fast approaching New England winter. T-shirt weather here I come.


daywalker said...

The dress looks great on you - Don't sell it :)

Caroline said...

That mini dress is the best thing ever. I love it with the jacket...something about being covered on top and sparse below perhaps?

Have fun down south!