Monday, November 9, 2009

blue velvet bows headpiece: vintage ebay
white fur collar coat: thrifted
brown peter pan collar jacket: lifetime collection thrifted at beacons
red and white striped shirt: thrifted
black jeans: uo
blue suede ankle boots: vintage ysl

today everything feels a little like its in fast forward.   how have i already been living in boston a year and, for that matter, how am i already 24 years old?  not that i'm complaining.  i like my life and i like that i'm not a little baby face anymore.  i guess sometimes you just wake up and it's been a whole year.  maybe its just a side effect of being happy, that time goes by quicker.  in other news, last weekend was very nice and i ran into Siri of Ringo, Have a Banana in nyc!  she is just as pretty and sweet and awesome as you imagined but times 1000. 


calivintage said...

ah you are so stunning in these photos. i love the headpiece and the stripes and oh i can't believe you got to meet siri! i'm jealous!

_nina_malvada_ said...

love your coat with the stripes tee

Caroline said...

stunning, dreamy photos