Thursday, November 12, 2009

etsy update!

clothes copy

2. Black Velvet Bow Heels Size 8
3. Beige Suede Oxford Heels Size 8.5
4. Black Ribbed Bows Minidress Size S
6. Beige and White Knit Sweater Size M
7. Black Velvet and Grey Wool Bows Jacket Size S
8. Black Sequined Glam Dress Size S
9. 1960s Dandelion and Lace Dress Size XS-S
11. ON HOLD Black Striped Collegiate Dress Size S
12. 1950s Black Dress with Flamenco Skirt Size S
13. Threadbare Mustard Boyfriend Sweater Size M
15. 1920s Cream Silk Flapper Dress Size S

etsy update for this week.  lots more pictures on my flickr, or just visit the shop!

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