Thursday, November 19, 2009

etsy update!

shoes copy

clothes copy 1

clothes copy 2

1. Black Suede Tall Boots Size 8
2. Brown Leather Lace Up Boots Size 7.5
3. Navy Blue Lace Up Oxfords Size 8
4. Brown Leather Buckle Ankle Boots Size 8.5
5. 1960s Navy and Mustard Peter Pan Collar Minidress Size XS-S
7. Grey Disco Dress Size S
10. Black Floral Minidress with Crisscross Back Size S
12. White Roses Minidress Size M
14. Burnt Orange Ribbed Sweater Size S
16. Burnt Orange and Brown Wool Vest Size S
18. Red and Black Checkered Shirt Size S
20. Red Holiday Sweater Size M
23. Green Tweed Collegetown Blazer Size S-M
24. Grey Floral Romper Size S-M
25. Black Lace Peasant Dress Size S-M


Diane said...

Aahh, you have such good finds...I particularly love the navy colored dress with the mustard collar! So adorbz. Is that how you spell that? I'm not up with the Internet lingo. I should just type "adorable."

Marta Represa said...

I always like your finds.

Caitlin said...

If only those boots were my size!

Kennedy said...

thank you! <3

Mamushka Marie said...

wowowow, amazing pieces. you make me want to buy things...oh dear!

A Thought Is The Blossom said...

you've got an eye, these things are incredible. wish that navy and mustard dress was bigger! :(