Wednesday, November 25, 2009

off to a ballet class

pic name

pic name

pic name

pic name

(photos by caroline)

brown corduroy bow hat: vintage thrifted
peach button up top: Maude Loves Harold Etsy
poly micro-fiber tulip skirt: american apparel
black tights: american apparel
brown oxford heels: urban outfitters
1950s green ballet case: vintage thrifted

 I totally wish I was going to a ballet class right now.  Instead I am diligently working on an etsy update and then I'm catching the late train for New Hampshire where I've been invited to have Thanksgiving dinner with Leonard and his family.  There's nothing I like more than a holiday in which eating is the main event!


Sarah said...

Great Outfit, I've seen you on lookbook and had to check out your blog and what should I say... I love it :)

two is a pair said...

so great! Love that hat with your long hair!!!

M. said...

that ballet case is to die for, you always look amazing.

Rebecca (Dog-Eared) said...

your skirt is awesome.. as are those shoes :)

Sacaton June said...

eek i love this outfit! absolute perfection!!

Tayler said...

LOVE this! i would love to have that hat and those shoes <3

Caroline said...

that little case is ridiculously cute!

Diane said...

Lady, you have got some seriously incredible style. I envy it!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Kennedy said...

oh girl youre style and your blog are such inspiration to me! you have a happy turkey day too!

Hippie Frou Frou said...

that corduroy hat is sooo cute! as well as the entire outfit, great style!

Happy Thanksgiving!

jess s//

Malu said...

Wow, I love your style, really inspiring!
You have a great blog :D


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Vanessa said...

wait, i love that you're from boston! i feel like i haven't seen much fashion bloggers from here.
i love that bow/hat, so unique!

tara-lynn said...

hi ballerina, i had a little ballet shoes box/carry-along too fro ballet class, mine was pink & plastic & not at all nice like yours!
enjoy your dinner over there, just another day here...

peperontie said...

You are so so so so lovely!
Your bangs is so cute.
you are cute and your fashion is so cute!!!
oh, sorry,
Nice to meet you!
My name is peperontie.
I'm a various make art works use to my illustration.
I like vintage clothes too!


hillary said...

Howdy! I found your blog via some info for the meetup and I have been sitting here reading your site and LOVING it and then I noticed something. We must be neighbors. Ok that sounds creepy right? I am not I promise. hee.
Your style is magnificent and I am excited/scared for the meetup (shy!)

Kennedy said...

wait, there is a boston blogger meet up? i had no idea, i would love to go! and do you live in the north end? that is so exciting!

Kass said...

Oh! That outfit is so darling..
That ballet case is such a great find!

Mila said...

Wow, you are so pretty!


bee said...

holy shit that case is the best thing i've ever seen