Friday, December 4, 2009

etsy update!

1. 1960s Mustard Yellow Velvet Hat with Satin Bow

4. Snow White Sweater Shirt Size S
5. Green Plaid Cape Size XS-S
6. Caramel and Orange Floral Cardigan Size S-M

7. 1990s Neon Kelly Kapowski Romper Size XS-S
8. Brown Faux Leather Jacket Size S
9. 1990s Liv Tyler Floral Minidress Size S

10. Navy Blue Flowers and Words Romper Size S
11. 1940s Style Black and Rose Peplum Dress Size S
12. Black and White Pinstripe Romper Size M

13. 1950s Green Gardens Day Dress Size M
14. 1980s Strapless Black Velvet Bow Dress Size S-M
15. 1960s Red Velvet Minidress with Bow Belt Size S

16. Mustard Sweater Size S-M
18. Union Made Black Velvet Dress Size XS-S


Cassie said...

ken- did you get that leather jacket thing in the boys section of the rochester salvation army? because I tried it on. hahahaha

Rachel said...

gahh that hat wants to belong to me

mart and lu said...

gosh i think i want all of them! oh that tweed coat reminds me of an orange popsicle!

Kennedy said...

cassie! yes i did! how funny

Rebecca said...

That yellow hat is soooo cute :)

Natalie said...

that little hat is such a cute color, love it! :)


olivia said...

haha id actually like to be one! and thankkkks. youre a beauty.


Ancarol said...

i love that all you picked it really wonderful ...i love them of style !