Tuesday, December 1, 2009

happy december!

happy december!

(photos by caroline)

fur pillbox hat: vintage thrifted
white fur collar coat: vintage thrifted
beige cardigan: thrifted
floral minidress: thrifted
brown leather belt: thrifted
pink tights: thrifted
navy knee socks: american apparel
brown lace up boots: oona's

we've almost made it through the year, good job everybody! speaking of jobs, i got a job at american apparel today which will really help supplement my income for the holiday season.  and the best part is that when i go in on monday i get to pick out my clothes allowance. i'm excited about getting a million leotards and tights and shiny dresses.


Maria Confer said...

Your outfit is just amazing. I don't know where to begin. I seriously love it from head to toe.


Dani said...

those oona's boots are perfect for the sidewalks of boston!

love thrifting there, i never leave without buying something!

calivintage said...

ooh congrats on the new job. i kinda wish i had an american apparel allowance right about now!

and your hats! dear me, so lovely.

Valencia Lia said...

I love love the furry hat and that gorgeous coat!! those boots are beautiful too<3

Congrats on getting a job and its at my favorite store,American Apparel!! So cool you get to pick your clothes allowance <3

Mila said...

You look amazing!! <3
Great you got that job, seems like a nice job ;)



Sarah said...

I love the coat and the hat, you look amazing!

Marta Represa said...

Lucky you! The clothes allowance et American Apparel is incredible! Congrats on your job. By the way that's a really cute look!


jenloveskev said...

I Love this outfit, Its just so lovely! and congrats on the new job!

I just saw that you are coming to our blogger meet up- It will be very nice to meet you. You have a wonderful blog!

Anonymous said...

Ooh Congratulations on your new job! American Apparel! So exciting!!!

This is such a darling outfit. I love that hat and your sweater was perfect for a day like yesterday. Very excited to meet you next weekend at the Blogger Meet-up!


punky said...

Yay! new job! All your work clothes will be so cozy.

Andrea said...

you'll make a great AA girl! your background looks like a University of some sort, am I right?

sarah said...

is that in front of your apartment block?! amazing!
love your boots by the way!

Camille said...

happy december! your outfit is gorgeous, I love the hat so much

-xo, C.

Caitlin said...

I LOVE the hat and your tights! I never even thought of looking for tights at a thrift store! Genius!

Kennedy said...

i ALWAYS look for tights and knee socks at the thrift store, you can find some really amazing ones because i think a lot of people forget to look. or maybe they are just grossed out by used tights? i dunno im kinda of laid back about that kind of thing and plus most of the tights i find are new still in the packages.

M. said...

gorgeous outfit as usual, congrats on working for aa! I would die for a spending allowance there, so lucky!

esme and the lane way said...

So beautiful! Once again I want to just skip summer and enjoy winter :)

Kennedy said...

oh no! summer is the best! maybe its just that i get too much of winter here in boston :(

April said...

Lovely lovely photos!

Suzy said...

Gah! I've been searching everywhere for red nylons (olive as well), but to no avail. Some fashion jerk claimed they can be found in any drugstore around, but that is not the case as I have checked every one in the tri-county area!

Congrats on the job; I'm sure you were a shoo-in given that you're on the damn website!

Nelly. said...

Perfect outfit !

Caroline said...

Those boots are just insane in the best way. Absolutely excellent. Love your new header, by the way.