Thursday, January 7, 2010

etsy update

Black Faux Lether Western Ankle Boots Size 7.5
1970s Leather and Woven Straw Bag
Deadstock Beige Cowboy Boots Size 7.5M

Cream and Red Striped Fisherman Cardigan Size S-M
1980s Cream Ruffled Open-Back Sweater Size S
Brown Suede Jacket Size S-M

Black Sequined Shirt Size M
 White and Teal Oversized A Million Buttons Sweater Size S-M
Black Velvet Rose Minidress Size XS-S

Velvet Leopard Print Stretch Minidress Size XS-S
1970s Asymmetrical Royal Blue Dress Size S
1960s Brown Paisley Day Dress Size S-M

1920s Brown Velvet and Silk Flapper Dress Size S

lots of vintage velvet and a sort of a cowboy theme this week . 


Kelly Lauren said...

Everything you post is always so lovely! And I'm kicking myself for not pushing myself to buy those seude ankle boots... A perfect size and I've been wanting a pair for awhile! Oh well... anyways, I posted some pictures of myself in the white beret on my blog! Finally, for you haha.

Til next time.. love love.

Sarah J said...


Love_Again said...

so many goodies!

Baro Lucas said...

Black Sequined Shirt Size M
White and Teal Oversized A Million Buttons Sweater Size S-M
Black Velvet Rose Minidress Size XS-S

I love it !
Kisses !

OliviaDias said...

You are certainly good at finding amazing vintage pieces, you must be lucky to have so many good thrift stores in your city! xx

Krimly said...

great post!! I like so much the bag and the boots!! and some dresses too!!
you're so adorable! like so much your blog!!


Q's Daydream said...

wonderful things!!! love the sweatshirt and 20s dress!

Jen said...

i'm so in love with those cowboy boots :) great update as usual

Hello Lindello said...

It kills me to see the line drawn through that middle sweater. SO CUTE. I made a little gasp when I saw it!

Anonymous said...

Ahh! I am so sad that ruffled sweater is gone... it is (was) beautiful! :(

Andrea said...

PS: i love your new etsy pics, the lighting and displays are great!

April said...

Oh goodness, that blue dress is really something. Too bad my bones are too big for me to ever fit in a vintage small.

talia&lilyrose said...

All clothes are gorgeous, especially the blue sweater,love it !

rachel / Red Lips Vintage said...

oh, i love the backless bow sweater that sold! pretty, pretty.

Anonymous said...

boo. i always see the new stuff a tad too late. i died over that millions of buttons sweater, but it was gone...

i'm pouting.

i'll have to start watching your shop like a hawk, kennedy!


Jessica said...

Love that bag, so unique!

pennycones said...

Great selection og stuff here.

I could see myself with the bag, ankle boots and the velvet mini!

Rachel said...

More than anything in the world, I need to own that velvet 1920's dress. Seriously, it's everything I've ever wanted in a dress!

Daisy said...

Thank you for your lovely comment ! You have such lovely things in your vintage store ! I am hoping to open one very soon!