Thursday, February 25, 2010

etsy update

Cream and Red Princess Sleeve Sweater Size XS-S
1990s Neon Minnie Mouse Sweater Size S

1960s Beige and Brown Fur Collar Swing Coat Size S 
1970s Red Knit ZipUp Sweater Size S
Bonwitt Teller Beige Wrap-Around Trench Coat Dress Size S-M


Rachel said...

oo la la x 10!!

apparellel said...

there are some yummy items here! yay!


Lexie said...

i love that first sweater!

NBeteck said...

The minnie mouse sweater is GREAT. I would totally wear that to school, or in public anywhere for that matter -]

Mystery Flight Vintage said...

i love the seafoam mini skirt and all 3 sweaters. so good.

Madison. said...

the minnie mouse photo is cute!