Sunday, December 5, 2010

etsy update

1990s calvin klein polka dot button down size s
taupe ribbed knit cardigan size s-m
mustard rayon button down size s

black lace stretch minidress size s-m
hunter green bodycon minidress size s

pastel southwestern hooded toggle jacket size s
white fur hooded jacket size xs
fall colors cape with yarn fringe

1960s navy plaid hooded jacket with belt size s-m
black sheer chiffon pleated maxi skirt size s-m

 1940s Ballet Pink Silk Dress


Chaucee said...

Do you think you could find some vintage items tat are size m-l?

Caitlin said...

Man, you find such great vintage treasures!

styleforlife said...

Fabulous treasures and I adore the styling too.
xxx Emily

curious constellation said...

That southwestern jacket is just perfect!

Kelli said...

That cape is quite amazing!

Valentine said...

You always have the best things in your shop! That ballet pink silk dress is too lovely for words.


I looked up what you told me about studies regarding dreams and how our brain perceives them and I was simply fascinated! Thanks for sharing that.



Froso M. said...

Your stuff is really good, I will surely check those things out on etsy!

Froso from Style Nirvana

Caroline said...

I love these, that green dress is beautiful :) xxx

Anonymous said...

I'm totally fallen in love with your blog!!
so cute!

Nell said...

That last dress is the prettiest thing ever seen xx