Monday, June 27, 2011

blues and browns

Burnt Sienna Suede Oxford Heel Slingbacks Size 7.5M

Dark Wash Denim Tote
1990s Tortoise Shell Gold Rimmed Sunglasses
Large Pale Yellow Sailboats Tote

Sleeveless Denim Button Up Oxford with Embroidered Veggies Size XS-S
Striped CALVIN KLEIN Button Up Oxford with Embroidered Crest Size S
Chambray Lace Button Up Tank with Pinktucking Size S

Silk French Countryside Paisley Blouse Size S-M
Striped and Polka Dot Button Up Oxford Size S-M

1980s Navy and White Striped Sweater with Gold Embroidered Crest Size S-M
High Waist Pale Pastel Floral Pleated Pants Size M-L
Cobalt Blue Cropped Sweatshirt Size S-M

1980s Brown Linen Button Up Maxi Dress Size S
1990s Floral Jacket with Gold Buttons Size S-M
Buttercream Wide Leg Accordian Pleat Pants Size S-M

1990s Dark Wash Wide Leg Stretch Jeans Size XS-S
1960s Blue and White Speckled Mini Dress Size S
White Chiffon Pleated Skirt Size S


Tayler said...

those are some awesome shoes!!
<3 <3

Joy said...

These are such nice pieces.

Bite The Beat said...


Oh, the curse of having big feet. :(