Wednesday, September 7, 2011

etsy update

Black Woven Leather Clogs Size 9

Black Pebbled Leather Doctor Bag
Large Brown Leather and Floral Tapestry Carpet Bag
Hunter Green Leather Purse

1990s Mint Green SILK Polka Dot Blazer Size S
Pistachio Button Up Oxford Size S

White Beaded Angora Striped Sweater Size S
Evan Picone Classic Sporty Cardigan Size S-M
1980s Pastels Sweater Size XS

Seafoam Wool Fisherman's Sweater Size S-M
Blush Pink Chunky Knit Sweater Size S-M
Goldenrod Button Up Chunky Knit Sweater Size S-M

High Waist Pleated Chambray Shorts Size S-M
Burnt Sienna Knit Skirt with Lace Trim Size XS

1960s Navy Blue Cropped Jacket with Round Collar Size S-M
1960s Fuchsia Striped Double Breasted Jacket Size XS-S

1990s Light Wash Denim Overalls Mini Dress with Lace Trim Size M-L
Green High Waist Pleated Navajo Pants Size S
1990s Floral Print Overall Romper Size S


Norbyah said...

when you post 'etsy updates' my heart always skips a beat! LOVE these items. am intrigued by the navajo pants....


so, so many great finds. you are a dreamboat.

Ally,The Vintage Valley said...

you always have such cute pieces X