Tuesday, November 1, 2011

etsy update

Saks Fifth Ave White and Gold Pearly Shell Case

90s Sheer Floral and Polka Dot Button Up Oxford Size S-M
Sheer Cream Lace Blouse Size S
90s SILK Fall Colors Button Up Oxford Size S-M

Red and White Button Up Oxford Size S
90s Neon Colorful Cropped Sweater Size S
90s Black and White Polka Dot Button Up Oxford Size S

Classic Navy and White Striped Shirt Size M
90s Layered Crochet and Crop Top Size S
Deadstock LL Bean Army Green Field Jacket Size S

80s Army Green Field Jacket with Fur Hood
90s SILK Mustard Button Up Oxford Size S-M
90s Navajo Print Blanket Coat with Fringe Size M

60s Coral Crochet Cardigan Size S-M
60s PENDLETON Camel Wool Cape Size S-M
80s Fuzzy Cream Cocoon Sweater Size S-M

50s Black Persian Lamb Fur Coat Size S
90s High Waist Jeans with Lace Up Ankles Size S
90s Leopard Print Button Up Sweater Size M

60s Brown Leather Swing Coat with Fur Collar Size S
90s Floral Button Up Dress Size S-M
90s Cherry Red Duffel Coat with Hood Size S

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