Tuesday, November 22, 2011

etsy update

1980s Cream Sheer SILK Blouse Size S
1990s Brown Polka Dot Button Up Oxford Size S
1980s Cinnamon SILK Blouse Size S

1980s Pastel Striped Button Up Oxford Size S
1950s Citron Embroidered Pin Tuck Blouse Size S
1980s Pink Rosettes Button Up Oxford Size S

1990s Slinky Leopard Print Button Up Size S-M
1990s Blush Pink Knit Crop Top Size S-M
1980s Coral SILK Striped Shirt Size S

1990s Black Polka Dot Button Up Oxford Size M
1990s Black SILK Blouse with Floral Beadwork Size S-M
1990s Striped Yacht Club Shirt Size S-M-L

1980s Chestnut Cashmere Blazer Size S-M
1990s Black Crochet Sweater Size S-M
LL Bean Camel Hair Chunky Knit Sweater Size S

1990s Paisley LEE Sweatshirt Size M
1980s Grey and Pink Triangle Sweater Size S
1990s Canary Crochet Sweater Size S-M

1980s Abstract Mohair Sweater Jacket Size S-M
1980s Teal Cable Knit Cardigan Size S
1980s Textured Grey Jacket with Suede Patchwork Size S-M

1980s Blue Velvet Dress with Lace Peter Pan Collar Size XS
1990s Brick Flouncy Full Skirt Size M
1970s Brown Tweed Trousers with Suspenders Size S


Anonymous said...

Oh, nice!

Rosie said...

love, love the suspenders!

Tonya said...

Anything and everything looks good on you! So beautiful. I'm going to check out the shop now, and will most likely be adding some things to my Christmas wish list :)


blue roses said...

oooo, totally obsessed with that anchor tee, nautically fabulous.


Satin and Souffles said...


Satin&Souffles xx