Monday, January 16, 2012

etsy update

Cranberry Knit Scarf
Black Crocheted Scarf with Tassels

1980s White Metal Triangle Necklace
1990s Gold Chain Choker
1980s Mickey Mouse Necklace

Sheer Blue Watercolor Blouse Size S
Navy Blue and White Striped Turtleneck Size S
1970s Paisley Secretary Blouse Size S

1970s Camel Wool Blazer Size S
1950s Brown Faux Fur Coat Size S-M
1960s Classic Blonde Pea Coat Size S

1970s Cable Knit Sweater with Navajo Trim Size S-M
Goldenrod Cable Knit Mohair Sweater Size S-M
1980s Pastel Colorblock Sweater Size S-M

1990s Fuzzy Plaid Coat with Toggle Buttons Size S
Pastel Navajo Duffel Coat with Wood Toggle Buttons Size S-M
1990s Green Canvas Coat with Plaid Flannel Lining Size S


amberly said...

I love it all. And your rust high waisted brilliance. You are a classic beaut, dear!!

And loving the Mickey necklace so much!

melanie said...

Loving the Navajo coat.

cheap rayban sunglasses said...

Love all colors!