Sunday, January 8, 2012

a winter hiatus






photos by paige schaberg
(vintage straw hat, vintage sundress, urban outfitters tights, korkease bette in natural)

i spent the holidays in south carolina so i tried to soak up enough sun to make it through the rest of the new england winter.  i've got a good feeling about 2012, lot's of change in the air.   


Diana said...

so preciouse! I love your tights!

kelsey louise said...

Is that, like, a peonie tree? I'm going to google research flowers right now. The most beautiful things on earth for me.

The Kitten Paws Blog said...

Gorgeous images! Love your big ol' straw hat especially. Glad you had a warm and wonderful holiday! Look forward to seeing more great posts from you in 2012 :)

Molly said...

The hat. Those tights. That dress. Flawless ensemble! You look beautiful.

Adore your blog to absolute pieces! :)

Norbyah said...

i've missed you, kennedy! so glad you were somewhere warm for winter. i've been looking at your etsy shop and i fell in love with the dress i ordered...i LOVE your look beautiful as usual.


Lady Moriarty said...

God, this is pretty !

See U

curious constellation said...

Gorgeous photos!

Hannah said...

Wow Kennedy, these are so lovely! That second photo is just perfect.

lauraa said...

Gosh these are beautiful, as are you. Hope you had a lovely break

Anonymous said...

beautiful pics!

anne said...

beautiful as always!

oh man...i've been wanting those cork ease shoes for years. i think i may just have to bite the bullet and get them.

hannah, heart city said...

im jealous of your springy look! those tights are getting me all aflutter. happy new year (a littl \e late but whatever)

Shannon said...

Love those tights!

melanie said...

You look like the swedish fictiongirl Linnea. She was in a lot of swedish childrens books and she has the same hat as you!