Monday, July 16, 2012

etsy update

Crimson SILK Sheer Floral Button Up Blouse Size S-M
1990s Tan and Red Striped T Shirt Size S-M
1990s Ruby Red SILK Tank Size M-L

1990s Black SILK Shirt Size S
1990s Black and White Striped Shirt Size S
80s does 40s Black SILK Button Up Size S-M

1990s Emerald Textured Crop Top Size S
1990s Buttercream Button Up Blouse with Collar Size S-M
1990s Azure SILK Shirt Size M-L

1990s Black and White Striped Button Up T Shirt Size S-M
1980s Red White and Blue Striped T Shirt Size S
1990s GUESS Navy Blue Striped T Shirt with Logo Size S

1980s Pastel Geometric Print Button Up Size XXS 
1990s Kelly Green Striped Pocket Tank Size S-M
1990s Pastel Striped Button Up Oxford Size S-M

1990s Coral ANGORA Cropped Knit Size XS-S
1980s Printed High Waist Pleated Shorts Size S

1990s Cherry Red Mini Dress with Silver Chain Detail Size XS
1990s Strapless Beaded Black Bra Size S-M
1990s ESPRIT Red Plaid Overall Mini Dress Size XS-S

  as always there's plenty of stripes in this update but all the red kind of took me off guard.  it's not a color i usually gravitate towards but i'm liking it a lot right now.  and just in case anyone's interested in my hair-do, it's all thanks to this braided top bun tutorial by the lovely Caroline Ventura.  


Norbyah said...

great shop update as usual, kennedy! i'll be placing an order as soon as i hear from you (i left you a message on etsy).


iamyoursforever said...

nice xx :))

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Anne H said...

So lovely!!! love your blog!