Wednesday, August 29, 2012

etsy update

1990s Sheer Black Polka Dot Button Up Size S-M
1990s Sheer Mixed Prints Blouse Size S
1990s Polka Dot and Floral Blouse Size S-M

1980s SILK Leopard Print Button Up Size S
1980s Chambray Pintuck Button Up Blouse Size S
1980s Buttercream Button Up Blouse Size S

1970s Khaki and Olive Button Up Blouse with Bow Size S
1980s Striped Burgundy Button Up Oxford Size S-M
1970s Cream Polka Dot Button Up Blouse Size S

1990s Sage SILK Button Up Oxford Size M-L
1990s Grey SILK Button Up Oxford Size S
1980s Mustard Button Up Oxford Size M

1970s Striped and Floral Blouse with Bell Sleeves Size S
1990s Painterly Mixed Prints Size M

1990s Lime Button Up Tank Size S-M
1980s Magenta Blouse with Peter Pan Collar Size M-L

1990s GAP Denim Mini Dress Size XS
1990s Denim Button Up with Floral Embroidered Trim Size M

1990s Rose Mixed Prints T Shirt Size S-M
1980s Pink Ollie Aid T Shirt Size S-M
1990s Pale Roses Floral T Shirt Size L

1980s Hot Pink SILK Blouse with Sheer Sleeves Size S-M
1980s Grey Blouse with Lace Collar Size S
1990s Blush Pink SILK T Shirt Size S

1990s Red and White Striped T Shirt Size S-M
1990s Olive Ribbed and Striped Shirt Size S
1990s Fall Colors Striped T Shirt Size M-L

here it is. one of the last summer updates before i'll be transitioning into fall pieces.  that makes me a little sad but also kinda excited to be able to finally post all of the sweaters/coats/long sleeve attire i've been hoarding all summer long!


chloe said...

Just came across your blog today!
Your lovely.
And wow m taken aback seeing how every single piece of clothing at your shop is soooo..good. Its a rare thing really.
Great job.

his little lady said...

all of these pieces are fabulous and fun! so perfect!
xo TJ

Melissa Sonico said...

ugh i love that s/s turtleneck shirt. bummed it got sold