Wednesday, December 26, 2012

wearing every present

IMG_3691 IMG_3705 Untitled IMG_3625 copy IMG_3650
(vintage gold hoop earrings, giantLION point and quartz rings, vintage ralph lauren chambray shirt, pendleton bag, UO jeans)

i'm glad everyone made it through christmas and the predicted end of the world.  this year the holidays have been bittersweet because i am cruelly separated from my boyfriend but i've compensated by buying lots of presents for myself and wearing them all at once.  new favorites are my giantLION rings, pendleton bag, and a pair of boots from forever 21. i know i've been pretty absent here lately but i'm hoping to find my motivation once the new year starts.  until then instagram is just about the only thing i do keep up with!


allthebigtrees said...

Oh you look so lovely and that bag! x

rachael said...

that bag is boss!

niki said...

these pictures are so lovely!
~niki <3