Friday, March 29, 2013

last day

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(vintage coat, vintage sweater, love fire skirt, american apparel tights, american apparel shoes)

here i am enjoying an idyllic beach sunset on my last day in south carolina!  there are many things that i love about charleston (my folks, my puppy, the winterless climate, free laundry, hominy grill) but i don't ever mind leaving if i'm headed home to richmond.  i think that's a good thing, i think that means i must be doing something right.  


Dulcie Emerson said...

Wow you look absolutely stunning and I love your coat and skirt! Your hair looks so beautiful. Xx

Anonymous said...

Mmm your SHOES. What is the name of them?? Can't seem to find them on american apparel's website. You're super beautiful and your blog is just about amazing, but I suppose you already know that. xxx