Monday, May 6, 2013

the living room

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photos by ryan
(sunny side up sunglasses c/o swaychic, vintage button up, viscotti floral garden shorts c/o swaychic, vintage sandals)

i finally have a few pictures from the apartment to show you!  this is our living room.  my boyfriend is the furniture connoisseur in this family so i can't take credit for the pieces (most of which he found at the thrift store!) but i did help decide where things were put.  i love this place and would like to do a whole post dedicated to showing it off but i've been pretty busy watching really old episodes of the real world on youtube and making flower crowns.  


Angela Barnes said...

Your space is fantastic! Your boyfriend did such a good job on finding those pieces, and I can't believe most of them were thrifted. Everything is so good, including your beautiful self!

Tom Tuttle from Tacoma said...

nice space. i especially like the credenza . the curving fixture behind you on the armchair is a brilliant touch.

Kelsey Genna said...

Your place looks beautiful!

allthebigtrees said...

You really have a beautiful space. And those shorts are divine xx

Hannah said...

Wow, you have some amazing pieces, I love that painting. Looking beautiful as always!

shivangi sharma said...


Recently came across your blog and found it fresh and a pleasure to read ! I must compliment you on creating articles that are really nice.

I work with and we have some beautiful ethnic designs too. I think you would like them too :) and congratulations to you on your wonderful blog :)

Shivangi Sharma

Crystal Lee said...

What a chic home! And I think it’s awesome that many of your furniture pieces were thrifted. You are such a doll. Love those tapestry floral shorts!

chloe said...

Hi there!
I love your sandal though i can only see a little bit of it ^^
Where is it from?
I've been wanting to purchase one like that!

P.S you have a lovely blog here!

chloe said...

Where are your sandals from?
I love them.

Bianca said...

your boyf has amazing tastes! as well as you. plus I NEED THEM SHORTS. theyre like bridget bardot meets blossom!!

Sandra Quitzimouche said...

your place looks amazing! so minimalist and classy yet nicely lived in!
and those shorts are amazing!

Louise said...

These pictures are amazing, and you look so much like a younger Juliette Lewis!

Ps: i'm doing a fashion-related survey for my MSc dissertation, 5 mins, much much help ♥

Anonymous said...

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What its brand?
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see you soon


Buy Sarees Online said...

First time at your post. Its interesting.
Your home is really divine. You look beautiful too..

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Anonymous said...

such cute photos! your apartment looks gorgeous. i have some shorts really similar to that so you've inspired me to wear them again! xx