Thursday, November 11, 2010

the most awesome



pepe over at peperontie drew this illustration for me!  i cant tell you how happy it made me to see this today.  this is the second time shes used me as inspiration for a drawing and i couldnt be more honored.  you can see the first ones she did here.  i especially like the shoes she drew for me, i want those in real life now!  in other news i put a few accessories up on etsy.  see below!

Vintage Leather and Floral Carpetbag

1990s Black Matte Doc Martens Size 8


Hillary said...

Aww what a sweet drawing, you have awesome style even as a little cartoon doll. :)

Caitlin said...

How nice! Another blogger drew a picture of my dog, Pippin, and it was so nice & amazing!

Kate said...

i wish those boots were in my size. :(


Emily Rose Theobald said...

heh cute!
you ever coming to that amazing house on long island again? lets please see one another next time!

curious constellation said...

The shoes are just gorgeous! It's a lovely illustration.

A Little Brighter said...

That picture is the cutest and that is the lovliest thing to do for someone! So lucky :D
LOVE all of the things you put up especially that bag! Yu must have the most magical closet!

Ayesha x


very cute illustration. looks so you, dear!



Michelle said...

What a great drawing! She's really talented, it's so cute and cartoony.

daisychain said...

aw, wow!

Anonymous said...

i recently discovered your blog! it`s amazing, keep going on good job!i`m looking forward for new posts! you may check on mine, you`ll love it! if you follow , i shall return the favor! thanx!

Elizabeth said...

such an adorable photo!

Anonymous said...

Great drawing! Ahh I adore doc martens, too bad they aren't my size! :[

Yumiko Pepperoniskii said...

Thanks again!
You are very kind!!

I like draw you !
I adore your posing sense.
You are the super model for me! :)

I'm drawing new one again.

Please look forward to watching next my illustrations!

And those shoes are cute!
I ♥vintage!!

Carol said...

A great design and vintage bag is beautiful!!

iris loves fashion said...

you are always so perfect.

Anonymous said...

oh that bag is wonderful!

Julie said...

That bag is keeeling me! I have never seen one that is so fantastic!