Wednesday, June 13, 2012

these kind woods

photos by anna li
(vintage headband, vintage top, american apparel jeans, salvatore ferragamo flats)

i've just returned home from a particularly fruitful buying trip with loads of new inventory for the store and fresh love for the state of virginia.  even though i'm still profoundly exhausted from driving over 800 miles i had to share these brilliant photos taken by my friend and master photographer anna li.  i'm the kind of girl that gets real skittish when someone tries to take my picture and if i'm uncomfortable at all you can always see it written on my face.  you certainly can't tell that from the likes of these but i promise you that has almost nothing to do with me and only speaks to how wonderful anna is. 


Rachel said...

These are absolutely gorgeous photos and you were a wonderful model. I don't believe that you're skittish at all!

Kate said...

Such a beautiful girl Kennedy.


Jo - Lost in the Haze said...

Lady, you wear high waist like no other <3 These are so beautiful!

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Galine said...

These photos/you are so classically beautiful. My goodness. The outfit, your hair, etc. etc. etc. :)

I know how you feel about being in front of a camera, I am unable to do it most days unless it's someone I feel comfortable around!

I look forward to seeing what you add to your shop! I am envious of vintage in the States, there are so many goodies to be found!

lauren, curious constellation said...

Your hair is exceptional.

Dulcie Emerson said...

So, so gorgeous! And I particularly like the grain on the final portrait. beautiful. xx

Anonymous said...

A perfectly beautiful scene and girl. <3

Catherine said...

Oh man, these are beautiful! I get a 90s summer vibe from them... which is a good thing.



Kennedy, you're like my long hair inspiration. Mine isn't as long as yours, but I'm now reaching to the point where I cannot stand this length anymore. It's indeed very high maintenance, and my hair has gone apeshizz with frizz and all already. I'd be very grateful if you can offer some haircare tips. Of all the bloggers flooding the net, I think your hairstyle is like the best. Very natural and least pretentious. Always be your stalker (ok, that sounds sick.)