Monday, September 3, 2012

beach daze

beach day the walk home dunes im about to reclaim this crop top from my etsy store
(vintage bathing suit, vintage crop top, vintage shorts)

did you know that i currently live on an island within walking distance of the beach? it's practically a tropical paradise but shamefully i haven't been taking advantage this summer.  i've barely been to the beach 5 times! of course now that the end is in sight, i've been much better and yesterday i even stayed long enough to procure a sunburn.  (have since decided that tan lines are weird and made a mental note get some spf 1000 asap.) 



lovely pics!!! Awesome post! Ho are you? :)


Anonymous said...

beautiful pics!!

Zoƫ, Lion Heart Vintage said...

Such a good collage! I seriously want to escape to your island ASAP.

ashley moe said...

eep, I haven't been taking advantage of the beach either! Of course I don't live by a real beach, just several lake beaches, but still. It would be amazing to live right on the coast!